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Taking the Country from Divided to United

Our country needs a President who is able to work with both sides of the aisle in order to better represent the American people. Growing extremism in the primary political parties over recent years has led to a deepening divide between our citizens and our representative legislature. Country leaders are increasingly influenced by corporate forces and smaller groups who are not representative of the American public. We the people are in need of a leader who will work for the country as a whole and put America on a path moving forward once again. Leadership in the White House must be able to give voice to the average American and provide accountability.
The mental health crisis in this country has caused an escalation in addiction and societal problems in addition to an escalation in violence and mass shootings. Cuts on mental health services beginning with Nixon and Reagan, which have continued over the years, must be reversed. Mental health services should particularly be expanded for young adults to provide early therapy options and help remove the negative stigma associated with therapy and mental health treatment starting at an early age. We need leadership that will help guide Congress in investing in the mental health of our country.
Soaring inflation and rising interest rates are causing increasing struggle for more and more Americans. Both sides of the aisle have made promise after promise to the middle class over the years, but then failed to implement policy. The time has come for a President that truly understands the struggle of the average American and has the focus to implement policy that will bring back the middle-class. 
The initial purpose of immigration law enacted in this country were to ensure that those persons coming into the country had the means to support themselves and create a new life upon these shores. Immigration laws were reformed in the 1960s under Lyndon B. Johnson to try and make the laws more equitable to include family reunification and skilled immigration. Our immigration system is now in need of additional reform, as it is now failing to ensure that individuals coming to the United States can support themselves, which puts our social systems under insurmountable stress.
Campaign finance reform is essential in order to have leaders that work for the American people as a whole and not just the billionaire class. Every American should have a voice. We need a President that will push Congress to eliminate super PACs and close the loopholes that allow the super rich to dominate the election cycles in this country.
The country is in need of a leader who will bring back American jobs. Reform is needed in the system that gives enormous tax breaks given to American corporations who have taken production overseas. We must instead provide a path for companies to keep production on American soil and bring American jobs back.

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